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If you are getting ready to turn 65 now is the time to protect yourself from door knocks and unexpected sales calls.

We believe in providing a Medicare strategy that fits your unique situation, not one that increases our bottom line. As an independent agency, we focus on the strategies that focus on your long-term protection.

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On Demand Support

Bombarded with unexpected door knocks, mailers and TV commercials?

Your questions about the many moving parts and pieces of Medicare start and end here. We are your advocate for the long haul, not the short run.

We Work with the Top Insurers to Find Coverage Tailored to You

Supporting Your Healthy Future With:

  • Medicare Supplemental and prescription drug plans
  • Medicare Advantage plans
  • Dental, vision and hearing insurances
  • Lifetime risk-cost analysis
  • Federal regulation guidance and updates
  • Claims assistance and resolution
  • Billing and claims reconciliation
  • On-demand support

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    Tom B.

    “…THANK YOU and Traverse Benefits, for helping me wade through the confusion of medical insurance. I’ve had so many salespeople trying to sell me insurance who is most interested in their income, but not looking out for what is most beneficial to me. You were exactly the opposite, and I really appreciate your continued support. […] Your ability to explain things clearly is such a help.”

    Thompsonville, MI

    Matt B.

    “I recently turned 65, so I was losing my company health insurance and needed to go on Medicare. There are so many options and everyone I talked to had a different opinion, so it was a bit bewildering. What plan was going to be right for me? Fortunately, I had met Andi Dolan at a financial presentation several years ago and saved her business card. Andi was, and most importantly, continues to be, accessible and responsive with the advice I need on an individualized, personal level. I would whole heartedly recommend her company to anyone with Medicare questions.

    Rapid City, MI

    Kathy and John

    “With Health Insurance becoming more complex it has been reassuring having Traverse Benefits on our side to explain policies and to be our own personal advocate if we have insurance issues. We would be lost without Traverse Benefits.”

    Traverse City, MI

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